Remodeling Additions

Most people want to put additions to their house.   These additions may be in the shape of a second story over an existing floor or they may be an addition at the back or front with some load acting on the existing house.

The existing footings of the house are designed for the loads already imposed on them.   Thus the existing footings have to be checked for additional loads.

It is important that the existing footings be checked before drawings are submitted to the county.  All the counties are particular about the new loads.  The plans will be rejected and precious time wasted if required checking is not done on the existing footings.


Wind Bracing

Clients when they come to SQ Consultants to get a drawing prepared for their addition.   Invariably they want windows on all sides.  When they are told that they cannot have so many windows because of windbracing issues they are not aware of windbracing.  Their standard answer is the existing house has as many windows why cannot the new addition have the same windows. The cost associated with trying to match up with the existing windows may be such that the project may not be viable.

Windbracing is a big part of any drawing which is prepared for residential construction.

It is important to understand the limitations imposed by the IRC on windows in new construction.



Most people want decks in their houses.   The decks may be existing and they want modifications to them or they want to enclose the decks.

First county records should be checked to see whether permits were taken out for the decks.  After the records have been checked and it is verified that permit was taken out on the deck then the remodeling of the deck should be considered.   If the remodeling consists of putting a screen around the deck then it may be feasible.  However as it is most often the case remodeling consists of converting the deck to a sun room with glass or drywall on all sides then various factors have to be considered foremost amongst them is windbracing.

Because windbracing requires special connections between posts and beams and posts and footings an engineer should be consulted to check the feasibility of the project.