Storm Damage

SQ Consultants were asked to evaluate cracks in the walls of a house.
The cracks were caused by two trees falling at different times on the roof of the house.
The owner of the house instead of calling a professional engineer called the insurance company.
The insurance company did the best they could but since no professional engineer came to the site their assessment was superficial.
After a couple of months of the visit by the insurance company the cracks reappeared. But this time the owner of the house called SQ Consultants.
Our assessment was that the damage could have been caused by the trees falling on the house.
It is important when damage to the house is observed by a natural calamity that a professional engineer be called to assess the damage.

Post Pour Inspection

A client called SQ Consultants to do a post pour inspection. Post pour inspection means a inspection where permit by mistake is not taken out for the work done.
In this case a slab was poured without permit. Post pour inspection is a lengthy process where first a letter is written to the county explaining the circumstances for the post pour inspection.
After permission was received from the county a site visit was made and the slab and soil checked for compression and bearing capacity.
After all the information was obtained county was given the info and asked to approve the post pour inspection.

Foundation Cracks

Problems people face when they see a crack in the foundation wall is alarm and fear.   Their first reaction is that the house is going to come crashing down on them while they are sleeping.

So when SQ Consultants get called for a job related to foundation cracks is to listen to the client.  The client instead of being specific about the problem try to go around the problem.

Our first job is to clarify that the house is not going to crash which is true for most of the cases.   Than explain why the crack has happened it could be as simple as bad grading on the outside or  bad soil used as backfill.

Some of the remedies are simple like redirecting water away from the foundation or removing expansive backfill and replacing it with granular soil.


Water Issues

When we get called in for water problems the first thing we hear is the neighbor said that there is a stream running under the house.

We have never found a stream under any house in our years of doing consulting work in the area.

Its mostly due to bad grading or downspouts emptying near the foundation. Remedies may include redirecting downspouts or improving the grading. The standard remedy of putting drain tiles on the inside should only be used as a last resort