“EHD Design Build Group has partnered with SQ consultants for almost a decade now, and we do this because of the unparalleled attention to detail they show on everyone of our jobs. They are pleasure to work with in the most time sensitive and stressful situations and as Principal of our firm I would highly recommend them to Builders and Owners alike.  We look forward to doing many more successful projects with Syed and SQ Consultants.”  Thompson

“Once again, thank you so very much for your time, your conversation, and your expertise.  Your advice is well received and will be performed to your specifications. Your availability and responsiveness is remarkable.  You have truly benefitted my family with this consultation.  I look forward to speaking with you on future matters.” –  Fletcher

“In the many years that we have relied on S.Q. Consultants, Inc. they have always been a professional service that we could rely on 100% of the time. Many times in the construction business problems arise, your can count on S.Q. Consultants, Inc. to be there to assist you on a moments notice. Many firms can say that they are as good but none can say they are better than S.Q.Consultants., Inc.” –  Juris

“S.Q. Consultants, Inc. has provided structural and geotechnical services on numerous commercial and residential projects for our firm.  The response, often on short notice, has always been quick, the cost reasonable and the quality of the design excellent.  I highly recommend them.” –  McLeod

“If you had asked me last year for a referral for a company who performed structural engineering services, there would have been a question mark looming large over my head and the sound of crickets in the background.  What is a structural engineer and why would I need one of those?  Well, that question was answered for me this year after I noticed some unusual vibrations in my living room floor and was concerned my townhouse had somehow sustained what promised to be expensive-to-repair structural damage.  After contacting my insurance company and a local renovation/remodeling company, I was referred to S.Q .Consultants, Inc.  Within a day or two of my call to this company, Mr. Syed Qamer conducted an inspection of my home.  Not only did Mr. Qamer exhibit exceptional professionalism but he was courteous and patient.  As it turns out, my home is in fact structurally sound.  As we walked through my home, Mr. Qamer patiently described and pointed out to me the various structural components of which my floor is comprised.  Further, he explained the various building codes, both now and when my home was originally built, applicable to the construction of flooring.  While he assured me that my home was perfectly safe, he also provided additional information on what could possibly be done to further strengthen the floor and/or reduce the vibration if so desired; everything from simple fixes that I could do myself to more elaborate things that would need to be done by a contractor. Lastly, Mr. Qamer followed up with a formal, professionally written report for my records. I would highly recommend S.Q. Consultants, Inc. to anyone who required the services of a structural engineer!” – Smith

“I want to thank you for your structural engineering services performed on my own personal investments and also those services you have performed for my clients. As an active real estate investor, I encounter properties with all types of deficiencies. While I can manage most property related issues on my own, it gives me tremendous piece-of-mind to know that I can lean on your expertise for structural/foundation related issues. In addition, I appreciate the effort you take in explaining your analysis in a manner which is clear, concise, and actionable. To date, you have conducted several inspections for me and I look forward to working with you in the future”.Motwani

“SQ consultants Is a pretty amazing company. We bought an old house that had compartmentalized and small rooms. As we were doing renovations, Mr Qamer came to give us an assessment on whether taking a wall between the kitchen and family room would remove support and cause the house to collapse. As it turned out the wall we wanted to take down was a supporting beam so just opening a hole in the drywall wouldn’t work. This is when the magic began. Mr Qamer somehow went upstairs, went downstairs, did some measurements, and then came up with a drawing and a design for a supporting beam. He was deep in thought, , and all of the sudden, said to me”this should work”. Incredulous, I asked him if he was sure that his plan would work. He said, “absolutely” and then Explained to me that he just needed to figure out a way to redistribute the weight. Fast forward 5 years later. His beam is holding up better than the almost 50 year old house it supports. Brilliant engineer, highly recommended!!! Sheikh

“Syed helped me get permit approval from the town of Alexandria to install larger windows in my townhome. It was approved on the first try. He returned my initial call within a couple hours and knew exactly what I needed. I told him I was on a very tight timeline because this was holding the rest of the renovation. He had it competed the next day and I was able to submit to the town that day. Worked out great”.  Trovato

“We have worked with Syed on our engineering for at least 5 years; and my husband has been working with him for 10 or 12 years. Syed is always professional, his work is touch notch, and he does not over engineer which can really add to construction costs = all in all, we know when Syed is involved that we will great quality and information and he will follow up properly”.  Doeb

“Syed was efficient and very responsive since my clients were on a deadline in a home contingency and we needed an engineer to observe the issue and get a report ASAP. Delightful to work with and I will refer him to all my realtor colleagues and will call him again for my clients too!”..  Rapuano

“Syed came out on the same day I called and provided the scope of work (identify water issue/survey foundation and property for similar issues) and plan of action later that afternoon. The scope of work was fairly straight forward, but I found other structural engineers who work for contracting firms finding problems that simply didn’t exist so the final bill would be tens of thousands instead of just thousands”.  Spahr

“We have used the services of Mr. Syed in multiple circumstances, in our own house and in other projects for All’s Contracting Inc.  Syed always is very responsive and straight forward giving us detailed orientation in structural projects.  In our house he was able to quickly design an underpinning for our basement expansion and also provided a 3rd party inspection, which saved us time not having to deal with the County.  Since then, my husband Eddie has referred him to many friends and customers and they were very satisfied with his services”.  Apolinario

“SQ Consultants provided us – first-time home buyers – with remarkable expertise while inspecting a potential home. Syed, the structural engineer with whom worked, spent extra time to educate as well as explain critical aspects of the home foundation and how to protect it as a homeowner. SQ Consultants conducted the onsite visit and delivered a detailed report in less than 12 hours. We are thankful for the quick turnaround, professionalism exhibited, and detailed findings and commentary”.  Hartman

“Syed came out in short notice to quote estimated repairs needed for foundation cracking. After review he determined that helical pier supports were not necessary and the quote for over $50K for that work was excessive. He suggested that all I needed to do was route water further away from my foundation walls and to repair the cracks to prevent leaks”.  Chris. S

I am custom deck and porch builder and use SQ Consaultants regularly. Syed always helps me out on short notice with footing inspections as well as engineered plans. Very straight forward and easy to work with, highly recommend! Fallon