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SQ Consultants: Specialized Inspection, Design, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Services to Maximize Project Value

Experienced and technically skilled engineering staff

With more that 37 years of experience in providing engineering and consulting services, SQ Consultants has worked on the most visible transportation and infrastructure projects in the DC Metropolitan area.

Our expertly managed projects have an aggregate value of more than $3 billion, and we specialize in Inspection, Design, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering.

SQ Consultants also provides general engineering consulting services and administrative project management.


  • 90700 – Architectural And Engineering Services, Non-Professional
  • 90740 – Engineering Services, Non-Licensed
  • 91842 – Engineering Services
  • 92500 – Engineering Services, Professional
  • 92536 – Engineering Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
  • 92537 – Facilities Design Services, Engineering
  • 92538 – Field Engineering
  • 92544 – General Construction Management
  • 92546 – Geotechnical Engineering
  • 92549 – Highway; Street; Airport Pay-Parking Lots – Engineering
  • 92555 – Inspecting, General/Engineering
  • 92556 – Inspecting, Structural/Engineering
  • 92588 – Structural Engineering
  • 92592 – Value Engineering and Value Analysis Services


  • 541330 – Engineering Services
  • 541340 – Drafting Services
  • 541350 – Building Inspection Services
  • 541611 – Administrative Management & General Consulting Services

SQ Consultants: Specialized Inspection, Design, Structural And Geotechnical Engineering Services To Maximize Project Value

Administrative Management and General Consulting Services

A key element of ensuring projects get completed on time and within budget is Administrative Management and General Consulting Services.  SQ Consultants offers these expert capabilities to ensure long-term success.

  • General Engineering Consultation for Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Construction Management of New and Existing Residential and Commercial Building Structures
  • Quality Control Construction Management
  • Specialty Engineering for Complex Projects
  • Value Engineering Consultation
  • Consultation for Large- and Small-Scale Projects

Structural Assessments and Evaluations

Designed to ensure structural integrity and soundness of structures and their components, SQ Consultants offers comprehensive Structural Assessments and Evaluation services.  

  • Comprehensive Structural Analysis of Load Bearing Walls and Columns
  • Structural Evaluations of New and Existing Residential and Commercial Building Structures
  • Structural Evaluation of Water Intrusion, Foundation, Slab, Cracks in Walls, Floors Settlement Issues
  • Storm And Hazard Damage Evaluations
  • Structural And Steel Connections Analysis
  • Foundation Analysis of Existing Structures for Underpinning

Building Inspection Services

Providing trusted Building Inspection Services, SQ Consultants works closely with clients to ensure the structural quality, architectural requirements, and general safety of their projects.

  • Comprehensive Structural Analysis, Evaluations and Inspections of Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Foundation and Footing Inspections of New Construction
  • Post Pour, Deck, Bridge and Special Inspections
  • Third Party Inspections of Renovations and Additions Required by Counties
  • Specialty Assessment and Inspections of Projects

Design, Drawing and Drafting Services

With a focus on developing technical drawings and plans used in the design and manufacturing of various engineering projects, SQ Consultants provides comprehensive design, drawing and drafting services to ensure cost efficiencies, scalability, quality assurance and reduced risk.

  • Architectural Plans and Drafting Using Enercalc and AutoCAD Programs
  • Residential And Commercial Building Design for New Construction
  • Design For Decks, Retaining Walls, Load Bearing Walls and Support Beams
  • Design Services for Other Miscellaneous Structures

Geotechnical Services

Designed to ensure the safety and viability for any structure, SQ Consultants geotechnical services help ensure a solid soil foundation for any project, while also minimizing overall environmental impact.

  • Geotechnical Investigations and Soil Evaluation for New Construction
  • Soil Testing
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Soil Borings

Our Services in Action: BWI International Airport

SQ Consultants played a lead role in overseeing the structural evaluation, engineering and construction plans of a mission critical project at BWI International airport. The project was part of BWI Airport’s $332 Million improvement program to modernize facilities and enhance the passenger experience of more than 26 million travelers annually.

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